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Us4Warriors was introduced to the world of cryptocurrency in 2019 as an innovative form of fundraising support.  Thanks to the amazing teams at The Giving Block and The Gemini Exchange, Us4Warriors began accepting crypto soon after.  Shortly following, the birth of "Crytpo4Warriors" was born and designed as an online portal to allow Crypto Warriors the opportunity to support our programs helping warriors and their families live stronger lives while drawing new crypto users to viable sources of information to help them prosper while maneuvering safely through the new, digital frontier. 


In early 2020, we all encountered the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this time, fundraising in person and general donations were hard to come by for smaller nonprofits despite the impact of their programs.  Thanks to many innovative and generous members of the crypto world, Us4Warriors began participating in several amazing, virtual fundraising events geared at supporting our efforts to sustain programs helping warriors and their families with food distributions (Food4Warriors), employment (Work4Warriors) and others.  During a devastating year of such loss and challenge, the Us4Warriors mission remained on course, in large part to the generosity and outstanding perseverance of the cryptocurrency community, including notable influencers, advancers of emerging technologies and holders of crypto (called "hodlers" in the crypto world) who really came together and truly made a difference.  

As noted in the 2021 book, Bitcoin and the Future of Fundraising by Anne Connolly & Jason Shim, our CEO Tony Stewart shared the challenges faced by our organization in 2020 and the amazing way "hodlers" rallied together as if to say "We'll show the rest of the world, and we'll give."  In doing so, our organization and many more were able to keep helping others when they needed it most.  As we all emerge from the pandemic, Us4Warriors will be bringing more to use our Crypto4Warriors platform to educate, empower and elevate others to help all prosper for a brighter future.   Check out our partners and support them.  Check the chatter on the social media wall and send a good post about Us4Warriors and our Crypto4Warriors efforts.

If you are a "hodler," we ask that you consider giving to our organization so that we can continue to grow and help thousands more to live stronger lives!   In service, we count on teammates to help us carry on.  This year, we have made many Crypto Warrior Teammates and appreciate them all!  Thanks for supporting our cause!

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