Enriching lives of military, veterans and their families through arts, entertainment, sports and recreation.

Program Cadre

Bob Morey

LPP Coordinator

Michael Hjelmstad

LPP Assistant Coordinator

Ken Greenawald

LPP Mentor

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Creating a Movement

The Liberty Pass Program operates like a movement to honor and support the men and women who have served our country proudly in the armed forces. By giving back to these braves warriors of the past and present, we provide enriching reintegration opportunities, family learning and rewarding social experiences that can only come from the healing activities of arts, entertainment, sports and recreation.

Liberty Pass

A “Liberty Pass” for a service member is an authorized absence from the normal rigors their day. This “time-off” allows service members to rest, relax or take part in recreation. By granting military and veterans a “Liberty Pass” from their day or challenges, we provide events and activities designed to show support and appreciation for the many burdens and sacrifices they have endured for the freedoms of our country. We team up with authors, actors, artists, musicians and other performers to host events and connections as well as supporting aspiring authors, artists, and performers from among the troops and veteran’s community towards a path of success.

Giving a Pass

We are firm believers in the words of Seneca, "The mind should always be allowed some relaxation, that it may continue to its work all the better for the rest."  Whether it is our events Books4Warriors, Art4Warriors, Golf4Warriors or other endeavors to support active duty, veterans and their families reach their creative or athletic potential, the Liberty Pass Program Team engages community and industry supporters to enrich and uplift.  Together, we say "Thank You" to our military and veterans and grant our heroes a Liberty Pass.

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