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Art4Warriors Paints Otay Ranch with Veterans

On Saturday, July 30th, the Us4Warriors Team assembled veteran artists and artists supporting veterans from throughout San Diego County to showcase their amazing artwork and photography. An outstanding event to reclaim our Art4Warriors Program efforts after the pandemic with many bright smiles, inspiring images, and warm hearts to bring color to Otay Ranch Town Center.

Artists and photographers in attendance: Barry Baron (USN), Joe Pisano (USN), Kat Furrow (USN), Erik Tomlinson (USMC), B. Hale (USN), Shaun Cassiday (USAF), Tony the Vet (Anthony Lobue, USA), Reginald Green (USN), Maria Galvan (USMC), Tom Anderson (USA/USAF), Marie "Dr. Zhivago" Zhivago (Daughter of USN Veteran), Steve Dilley (CEO, and more.

Additional artists and photographers with works shown at the event: Pat Gleason (DC Comics), Aaron Lopresti (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics), James Deitz, Darren McBurnett (USN SEAL), and Qusay Tariq.

A Special Salute from our team to the Remarkable Ronnie Rodriguez (our balloon master) and the Talented Toni Garza (our wonderful face painter) for making the day a great one for all of the children in attendance.

Amazing music was provided by School of Rock at Otay Ranch and the 4Warriors Network .

An outstanding event that will surely be a springboard for future events in support of warriors and their families pursuing their dreams through the creative arts!

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