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Local student chooses Us4Warriors as Topic for Social Justice

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Us4Warriors takes great pride in the work we do to help the troops, veterans and their families! We also love when others in our community embrace the mission as well. We know that the amazing fabric of America comes from strong, diverse ties united in purpose and can carry a heritage that is rooted in various backgrounds. So, does Angel Herrera, a Senior at Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School. Recently, Angel took the time to learn about our organization and created a presentation for a Social Justice/Cause assignment in a Spanish Language Class. Angel's presentation, completed all in Spanish, transcended our organization and purpose to those who are spanish-speaking or learning. We couldn't be more proud. Angel created a poster and a t-shirt for his presentation and provided sound information to support the importance of caring for those who defend our country. We Salute, Angel Herrera for taking the time to learn about Us4Warriors and for his passion to help ensure that "no abandonemos a nuestros Veteranos." We agree that no Veteran should be left behind. Thanks, Angel for supporting Us4Warriors and the Veterans in our Community!

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