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Work4Warriors hosts an Innovative Edge Seminar

The Work4Warriors Program will be returning to host an "Innovative Edge Seminar" on July 29th at 1pm at Chula Vista Civic Library.

On May 27th, Program Manager Sergio Noriega hosted an "Innovative Edge Seminar" at the City of Chula Vista's Civic Library auditorium. Attendees were introduced to products and services provided by Us4Warriors with insights and resources for military and veterans maneuvering through the military-to-civilian transition, re-entering employment or seeking to change their career. Those in attendance learned how to unlock their personal brand in order to discover their strengths, attributes and tendencies to leverage their personal brand.

Also, shared was ways to boost their soft skills with free access to easy-to-use tools for sharpening those skills to better prepare themselves to overcome areas that hiring managers say are critical to becoming a great job candidate. Further, all were introduced with a way to "Gamify their Approach" by tapping into training that is 45% faster and 1000% less boring with even higher percentages for retention.

The next seminar returns to the Chula Vista Civic Library (365 F Street, Chula Vista) on July 30th at 1pm. Sign up today : Click here!

Guest Speaker Joshua Prado will shared "Careers in Innovation" Prado, a US Navy Veteran is the Director of Community Partnerships, V School and 2022 San Diego County Veteran of the Year.

Learn more about the event and the Work4Warriors Program here.

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