Supporting the whole veteran through active community partnerships.

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Ron Stark

LAA Coordinator


LAA Assistant Coordinator

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Quality of Life

The Life Armor Alliance is a program dedicated to increase the quality of life for veterans and their families through partnerships and alliances with like-minded, technical experts who, together can focus on the “whole veteran” to help ease challenges, connect veterans with adequate services and advocate for rights of veterans and their families.

Being Part of a Community Network

Us4Warriors is dedicated to many helping hand deeds in service to others.  In doing so, alliances are made and partnerships struck.  Being part of a community network is the key to maximizing resources and filling needs. Whether a utility player or a force multiplier, our network comes together to support many.

Specific Events

To meet the mission of supporting the "whole veteran" and their families, the team hosts several events throughout the year to meet the different needs to improve the quality of life.   Click below to learn more about our key events.

1690 Frontage Road, Suite 201, Chula Vista, CA 91911   |   (888) 444-1415   |   GIVING@US4WARRIORS.ORG