Inspirational Veteran Appreciation Award

Us4Warriors Believes in Community.  Us4Warriors Recognizes Community Supporters.

 Each year at a gathering in the month of July, The Us4Warriors Team comes together to reflect upon the year and chart a course for a successful second half of the year.  It is also the time of year that the Board of Doers selects a leader within the Veteran's community to recognize with the Veteran Vanguard Star Award.  Established in 2017, the Veteran Vanguard Star is an award symbolizing the advancement of veteran efforts above all others.  In military history, the vanguard is the leading part of an advancing military formation. It could lead the line of March, be first on the battle field or be the advancing covert wave that seeks the enemy before the main force arrives. As the first wave, the vanguard excels before the formation engages. The star, in military circles, is a symbol used in various settings to signify rank, gallantry and sacrifice. The star symbolizes respect. The Us4Warriors’ Veteran Vanguard Star is presented to the outstanding veteran who advances the cause of making lives better for the troops, veterans and their families.   These recipients also become the Us4Warriors nominations for San Diego County Veterans of the Year.


On behalf of the Board of Doers, we proudly present our Veteran Vanguard Star Award recipients!


Chris Yates


[United States Marine Corps]

  • District Commander, California American Legion District 22 for San Diego County 

personal_photo-275-1000x600 (1).jpg

Tony Teravainen


[United States Navy]

  • CEO/Co-founder of Support the Enlisted Project (STEP)

  • Commissioner, City of San Diego Citizens Equal Opportunity Commission

  • Chairman, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Defense, Veteran & Military Committee


Robert "Bob" Muth


[United States Marine Corps]

  • Academic Director/Professor, University of San Diego   

  • Attorney, Veterans Legal Clinic

  • San Diego County Veteran of the Year 2017-2018

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