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The Work4Warriors Program "Coaching Services" uses a customized approach towards employment that opens the door to a myriad of job types.  Work4Warriors Employment Specialist works individually with each client.  No matter where the veteran is on the race track of career development or their position on the timeline of life, our services can help them move forward towards success. 


Work4Warriors works through a discovery and support process to:

  • Determine career-related skills, talents and goals to find the right employment fit.

  • Define what "meaningful employment" means to each aspiring veteran.

  • Motivating support to help each gain confidence and keep clients on track.
  • Translate military experiences and skills into a language that civilian employers can understand.

  • Help develop tailored resumes and cover letters for specific opportunities.

  • Help shape branding and build communications for networking and interviewing skills.

  • Connect veterans with an established network of employers.

  • Access to innovative, neuroscience-based personality profile information to help understand strengths and weaknesses.

  • Access to advanced gamified & on-demand learning platforms to increase each client's job pursuit skill level.

  • Access small business development and micro-financing resources for entrepreneurs.

  • Connect to self-sufficiency resources (i.e. health care, housing, benefits counseling

  • Provide follow-on services to ensure each veteran's job mastery and long-term success.

Whether on active duty and seeking to make the military-to-civilian transition or a veteran simply looking to explore or make a career change, Work4Warriors is here for you!

Reach out to our coaches today to explore the possibilities, create an action plan and reach your goals!


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