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Us4Warriors helped homeless veterans in many ways, but the keystone support events each year are two main collaborative events that help uplift thousands.  From the San Diego Veterans Stand Down (normally in June/July timeframe) that hosts over 1200 homeless veterans in a location in San Diego to the North County Veterans Stand Down (normally in February/March timeframe) that hosts hundreds of veterans in the northern part of San Diego County, both provide many collaborative services over a full weekend designed to uplift, provide free resources and services and give homeless veterans an opportunity to reset and get back on track towards self-reliance.

Each are primarily hosted by partner organizations, but our Warrior Volunteer Force and support programs are one of the largest support presences on hand to help make the events a success.  Our Food4Warriors Team creates "Care4Warriors" packages that provide specific food, basic needs items and referral cards with services that can help these veterans get back on their feet.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the schedules were disrupted and some services were limited, but the mission goes on.

Consult our Events Calendar to see when these events take place this year.  As they come up, check our Volunteer Opportunities to support the cause.

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