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Brightening the Day of our VA Partners

At Us4Warriors™, we value our partners in the community. Our Food4Veterans program works with Nutritionists and Social Workers from the local Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA) Clinics to provide specially selected sacks of groceries for those identified with food insecurity issues. This effort is part of the VA's Food Empowerment Program that was piloted in San Diego. Since day one, we have worked in concert with our VA counterparts as exclusive food providers to ensure those in need get assistance. The recent pandemic has made many support jobs more challenging while the needs have also increased. At Us4Warriors, we appreciate our partners who are in the fight with us! To show that appreciation, our team put together special "appreciation" packages that were delivered to the partnering clinics. Just a way to say "Thank You" to those who help us, help others! If you are a veteran and would like to get assistance from a Dietitian with the Dept of VA, check out the link at Visit our website, for more information.

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