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Remembering Russ T. Nailz

Us4Warriors is deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Russ "Russ T. Nailz" Stolnack (Russ Stolnack) who passed away recently. Russ was the full package entertainer as an actor, comedian, writer, radio and television personality who became one of San Diego's own. He was also a great supporter of charitable work through many endeavors. Since our organization began, Russ showered our Us4Warriors family with many great moments in support of our mission to help warriors and their families live stronger lives. Many laughs were shared by Russ at our many events. When our organization was awarded the San Diego County Veterans Non-Profit Allegiance Award in 2016, he not only wanted to congratulate us, he channeled Ron Burgundy to add his special dose of laughter. He will forever live within the history of our organization as a kind soul who gave of his time on countless occasions to support our cause and help all get away from the challenges of the world for a brief respite under the sun of his unique charm. Us4Warriors remembers Russ T. Nailz and the smiles he gave to us all!

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