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Donate Stock to Us4Warriors


You can help Us for Warriors Foundation fund its mission while avoiding taxes by donating stock directly to us in minutes!

  • Avoid capital gains tax: 15-30% you’d pay if you sold the stock

  • Get a bigger deduction by making a pre-tax contribution

  • Nonprofit keeps the money you would have paid the IRS


It’s safe, easy and there is no cost to donate stock.

Our chosen partner for stock donations.

The Process


Click the RED BUTTON above to transfer to our stock donation portal page with our broker partner,, where the transaction and administrative support takes place.

Breaking It Down


Our Ledger of Good Deeds


Us4Warriors was introduced to the option of accepting stocks in 2020 during the pandemic.  The ability existed for sometime, but it was not until later in 2021 that innovative, safe and secure online portals became more readily available with broker assisted processes that have begun to increase the ability for non-profits charities to receive stocks.  Channeling upon the success of the Us4Warriors project Crypto4Warriors, the Board of Doers decided to increase our stock donation capabilities by offering holders of stocks the easy and affordable ability to donate a portion of their shares in order to help offset their capital gains taxes and provide necessary funding to help support our organization's ability to keep the mission on course.

We believe our track record is worthy of consideration.  As dedicated stewards of the funding we receive, each donation is assured to be applied to programs that help warriors and families live - for a stronger life, prosper - for a brighter future and reach a point of self-reliance that allows them to follow their dreams.  From Food4Warriors to Work4Warriors and many other community service related projects and activities, we are thankful for all contributions received to help us keep the mission moving forward.

If you hold stock and would like the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of thousands of warriors and family members while receiving the opportunity to take advantage of the tax incentives that come with doing this great deed,  we ask that you consider giving to our organization so that we can continue to grow and help thousands more to live stronger lives!   In service, we count on teammates to help us carry on.   


If you need to know about Us4Warriors, we ask that you click around on the website.   We are an award-winning non-profit charity dedicated to helping the troops, veterans and their family.  We do so with a small, but skillful and dedicated staff and the support of a Warrior Volunteer Force.  As shown on our main page of our website (, we've helped over 45,000 and have had over 4,500 volunteers to do so.   We feel that we are on a good course for helping other!

We hope you will join us.  Thanks for supporting our cause!


Keep Learning

The following links are harvested from reputable financial information sources.  However, by providing these resources, Us4Warriors is not intending to provide financial advise.

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