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Three U.S. Navy Submarine Veterans sat down one day and asked each other, "What can we do to help our brothers and sisters who served in the military to help them have a better life?"  After coming together with many like-minded servant leaders and volunteers to develop "The Why," a journey was set in motion to fill in the gaps and help others.  The path forward has been one with remarkable adventures, great teams and warm hearts.  We've supported many events, activities and programs, but the mission has always remained the same.

Everything we do supports the troops, veterans and their families!


 Established in 2013, Us4Warriors is a 501c3 California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation assembled to promote the social welfare of the veteran’s community; sponsor or participate in activities of a patriotic nature; conduct public programs and events for educational and charitable purposes to support the troops, veterans and their families.

The Us4Warriors Mission is a three tier group of aims dedicated to improve the lives of the troops, veterans and their families:

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Everything we do supports the troops, veterans and their families!  That is our "Why."  A mission is only as good as its vision.  Our "Why" is strong and worth the dedication.  At the end of the day, our lens is fixed to find ways to help, our compass gives us the most impactful direction and our drive keeps all moving forward... until warriors nor their families no longer need support.  Til then, we are here!


As showcased in the book, "The 7 Secrets of Neuron Leadership: What Top Military Commanders, Neuroscientists, and the Ancient Greeks Teach Us about Inspiring Teams," New York Times Best Selling Author (and Co-founder of Us4Warriors) William Craig Reed discusses the unique servant leadership approach applied by the Us4Warriors Team to help support a community and ensure warriors, from all eras, and their families receive what they need to live stronger lives.


The secret ingredient to the Us4Warriors process is the "Way of the Why."  A simple drive to help others built upon blocks of a dedicated support network.  From:


  • The Vision of our Founders, to

  • The Wisdom of our Board of Doers, to

  • The Dedication of our Warrior Workforce, to

  • The Energy of our Warrior Volunteer Force, and

  • The Loyal Support of our Community Partners,

our path to making things happen takes many dedicated hands and hearts to ensure that the "Why" is always at the front with targeted aims to succeed.

Together, we help thousands in need!


There are truly, too many community partners to list in one location.  Whether from longstanding financial support or hands on collaboration, these organizations have lifted our wings on more than one occasion to ensure that we are able to continue our mission.

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