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Feast4Warriors Brings Families Holiday Groceries & Gifts

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Each year, Us4Warriors strives to support families in need during the holidays through our Feast4Warriors project. This year, our Food4Warriors Team sprung into action and assembled robust sacks of groceries, special holiday snacks & candy for the kids, and an assortment of holiday gift cards for holiday feasts and trimmings, gas cards, and special restaurant cards. Among them, $50 cards for use at Vons or Albertsons thanks to our partners at the San Diego Food Bank. In year's past, we had been able to host events in collaborative partnerships with other organizations. However, this year due to necessary safety precautions and honoring the wishes of the recipients, we chose to stage special pick-up times throughout the week of December 13-17. Us4Warriors appreciates the opportunity to brighten the day of military and veteran families during this special time. We thank all who helped us realize support that reached families that supported 120 people this year. Learn more about our Food4Warriors program and projects (like Feast4Warriors), click here. Learn how you can support the cause by clicking here.


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