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First Friday Open Forum Returns with Charlene Autolino in April 2023

First Friday Open Forum returned on April 7th. This virtual "Ask Me Anything" type of info session for veterans hosted by our Work4Warriors Program Manager Brain Braddock. The program begins with an invitation for all to attend a Zoom session with the guest. The final show is produced to become an "Info★cast" that airs on our 4Warriors Radio Network ( each Friday at 12:00pm throughout the month.

For April, Us4Warriors was pleased to have as Special Guest Charlene Autolino, Chair of Veterans Employment Committee of San Diego.

Military looking to transition. Veterans looking to change careers or just have a question. No matter where you live, your question might be worth an ask at these sessions. Even if you haven't been able to ask, the replay of the show might give you some answers to questions that you have yet to ask.

Check out the 4Warriors Network at . 4Warriors is sponsored in part by CoreVictus Solutions LLC.

Go directly to this particular show's replay here:

First Friday Open Forum Returns
First Friday Open Forum Returns


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