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First Friday Open Forum Returns with Dr. Ankur Bindal, MD for May's Mental Health Awareness Month

First Friday Open Forum returned on May 5th. This virtual "Ask Me Anything" type of info session for veterans hosted by our Work4Warriors Program Manager Brain Braddock. The program begins with an invitation for all to attend a Zoom session with the guest. The final show is produced to become an "Info★cast" that airs on our 4Warriors Radio Network ( each Friday at 12:00pm throughout the month.

For May's Mental Health Awareness Month, Us4Warriors was pleased to have as Special Guest Dr. Ankur Bindal, MD, MPH, FAPA, FAASM, a board-certified psychiatrist and sleep specialist. Dr. Bindal is also the CEO, Co-founder, & President of KMG Psychiatry in San Diego and Chula Vista.

Military and Veterans looking to learn more about innovative treatments for mental health support, including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment and other behavioral therapies for depression, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, panic disorders, autism, and others, would really benefit from this episode.

Learn about how treatments align and support VA treatment pathways as well for veterans, including ways that treatment pursuit process can be facilitated to assist through VA healthcare alignment.

Check out the 4Warriors Network at . 4Warriors is sponsored in part by CoreVictus Solutions LLC.

Miss the broadcast? Here is the on-demand broadcast link:

First Friday Open Forum Returns with Dr. Ankur Bindal
First Friday Open Forum Returns with Dr. Ankur Bindal


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