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#GivingTuesday brings many options to support Us4Warriors

At Us4Warriors, we believe that kindness is a true blessing and giving is a action of sharing that blessing with others. This year, November 30th is #GivingTuesday, the special day of giving across the world. If you consider giving this year, may we suggest keeping the Us4Warriors mission going to help warriors & their families in need. For 8 years, we've grown to help more and care for more in many ways. Explore our website and learn about the impact of the Warriorverse. Thousands have been uplifted by our efforts and thousands of volunteers have helped us do so. Food, jobs, & oh so much more. There are many ways to give. Whether you want to donate by cash, check, credit card, cryptocurrency, or stocks, there are many ways to give. Plus, as a 501c3 charity, these tax incentives help donors as well. As the year ends, donors can increase their charitable contributions and offset their capital gains taxes. Find out more by clicking here!

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