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San Diego Parrotheads Club Parties with a Purpose: Us4Warriors

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The San Diego Parrotheads Club (SDPHC) has a longstanding tradition of supporting various non-profit charities in the San Diego County area. Since the beginning days of Us4Warriors, the SDPHC team of dedicated supporters has come together to help military, veterans and their families by support our programs and services as well as becoming some of our most treasured volunteers at many events. Each year in the month of September, SDPHC hosts their coveted Anniversary Party at Campland on the Bay with a full day of music bands, activities and fundraising experiences that are not only unique but also something for everyone. Parrotheads, Jimmy Buffet enthusiasts, are known nationwide as those who "party with a purpose." In the San Diego area, the yearlong activities of the organization enriches the lives of many through their philanthropic approach to "purpose." Each year, for this special anniversary event, two charities are chosen to benefit from the event. In 2021, SDPHC hosted the event off the tail of a challenging two years with the event in 2020 not fully realized due to the pandemic and the current year's events slightly modified as well. However, thanks to the determination and fun-loving spirit of such a warm and purposeful organization along with the efforts of the Warrior Volunteer Force, the Anniversary Party came through this year and realized great results. On December 5th, the fruit of those labors brought forward a major contribution for Us4Warriors to support our programs that help warriors and their families live stronger lives. Learn more about this amazing organizational partner, by clicking here. If your company or organization would like to make a difference by contributing to Us4Warriors, reach out to us by clicking here.

(Pictured from right to left, CEO Anthony Stewart, Board Vice President Ken Greenawald, and Board Member Alex Aguilar)


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