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Stocks4Warriors as a Giving Option

Stocks4Warriors is a new option for giving to support Us4Warriors programs and capabilities. Channeling upon the success of the Us4Warriors project Crypto4Warriors during the recent pandemic, efforts were set in motion to increase our donation capabilities by offering holders of stocks the easy and affordable ability to donate a portion of their shares in order to help offset their capital gains taxes and provide necessary funding to help support our organization's ability to keep the mission on course. Through the easy to use and trusted platform,, Us4Warriors has been able to add the Stocks4Warriors project to our giving platform. As hardworking and dedicated stewards of the funding we receive, each donation is assured to be applied to programs that help warriors and families live - for a stronger life, prosper - for a brighter future and reach a point of self-reliance that allows them to follow their dreams. From Food4Warriors to Work4Warriors and many other community service related projects and activities, we are thankful for all contributions received to help us keep the mission moving forward. It is our hope that giving holders of shares look towards our organization as one with a track record of helping over 35,000 warriors and family members and decide to help support many more thousands in the future. Every penny received helps keep the good deeds flowing and lives changing experiences coming to fruition. Together, we can help thousands live stronger lives. Learn more about Stock4Warriors by clicking here.

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