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Us4Warriors Foundation Honors Sayres Defense and Partners for Exceptional Support

In a heartfelt ceremony held at the esteemed offices of Sayres Defense on May 4th, the Us4Warriors Foundation expressed its profound gratitude to the company and its remarkable partners for their unwavering support over the past five years. The event centered around presenting a commemorative plaque to Sayres Defense in recognition of their pivotal role as a key supporter of Us4Warriors' annual golf fundraiser, the Golf4Warriors Battle Bogey Tournament.

The partnership between Us4Warriors and Sayres Defense holds a special significance, as it was forged through the dedication and passion of the late Manny Otero, a departed Board Member of Us4Warriors and the founder of Golf4Warriors. Manny, who worked closely with the exceptional patriots at Sayres, was a cherished ambassador of goodwill for Us4Warriors. To honor his memory, the tournament's coveted trophy bears his name as a lasting tribute to his immense contributions.

Sayres Defense's commitment to the Golf4Warriors Battle Bogey Tournament extends beyond financial support. With over two decades of experience as a leading provider of professional defense support services to the federal government, Sayres Defense has been a steadfast pillar of the San Diego area defense environment. Their involvement has not only enhanced the success of the tournament but has also bolstered Us4Warriors' ability to provide the highest level of support to military personnel, veterans, and their families.

During the presentation ceremony, the presence of two distinguished individuals further exemplified the unity of these partners and the profound impact of their support. Mike Dollens, President of Fleet Operations, and Aaron White, Vice President of Fleet Operations, were lauded for their remarkable dedication and unwavering commitment to the cause. Their exceptional leadership has been instrumental in strengthening the collaboration between Sayres Defense and Us4Warriors.

Additionally, Steve Lorentzen, CEO and President of Lorentzen and Associates Corporation, was a welcome presence as well. A former executive with Sayres, Steve played a significant and vital role in ensuring the continuation of Manny Otero's legacy and the Golf4Warriors initiative. Through Lorentzen and Associates, Steve provides innovative and integrated professional training and engineering support services to esteemed organizations such as the Department of Defense, State Department, the State of California, and others in the National Security industry. Accompanying Steve was Rylie Rizzo, Vice President of Internal Operations for Lorentzen and Associates.

The collective efforts of Sayres Defense and their partners have truly made a profound difference in the lives of countless military personnel, veterans, and their families. Us4Warriors recognizes that without the unwavering support of these corporate friends, their mission to provide the highest level of support and care would not be possible.

As an organization deeply rooted in the community, Us4Warriors extends its sincerest appreciation to Sayres Defense and its esteemed partners for their exceptional dedication, generosity, and collaboration. Their collective impact serves as a beacon of hope, empowering Us4Warriors to continue its noble mission and make a lasting difference in the lives of those who have served our nation.

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Us4Warriors Foundation Honors Sayres Defense and Partners
Us4Warriors Foundation Honors Sayres Defense and Partners


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