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Us4Warriors turns Lemons into Warrior Aid at The Lemon Festival

On Saturday, August 13th, the Us4Warriors' Warrior Outreach Team descended upon the City of Chula Vista's 25th Annual Lemon Festival. One of the largest events in Chula Vista, the Lemon Festival hosts over 25,000 to commemorate the rich history of lemons in the area. With lemon groves throughout the area since 1888, the area once called "The Lemon Capital of the World" according to various sources. Us4Warriors took to the streets at the festival to meet, greet and share resources for warriors of all ages regarding services that are available for them and their families, such as our Food4Warriors , Work4Warriors programs and others. Also, the team shared information to community partners regarding opportunities to join the Warrior Volunteer Force and other ways to give to support the mission. Hundreds of festival goers stopped by the Us4Warriors booth to learn more and root the team on. We thank our local community for welcoming our Warrior Outreach Team and helping us keep the mission going!

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