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Golf4Warriors Early Bird Date Extended for Christmas Gifting to Support the Cause

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Golf4Warriors is an annual fundraising event hosted each year to support Us4Warriors Programs helping warriors and their families live stronger lives. As one of our staple events each year, it is important for the success of a year's worth of helping thousands that the experience is an amazing one for all who attend. In that same spirit, we have decided to extend our "Early Bird" prices for registration (both individual golfers and teams). In the gift giving spirit, we have heard you and the Early Bird season has been extended to December 28th to ensure that those who wish to share the joy of this event with others this holiday season can slip this special event under the Christmas tree or in the stockings of their special family, friends or colleagues. For the golfers in your circle, the gift "Golf4Warriors" can bring a smile to their face not just for a round of golf with many amazing experiences with it, but knowing that their gift can change the lives of thousands of warriors and families. Take advantage of this "Early Bird" extension and grab your tickets (or "gift of tickets") today. Click here for the Golf4Warriors information.

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