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Support Us4Warriors through the Memorial Day National Parade, AIRBORNE LEGACY Film Event

We are absolutely thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity that combines a momentous film screening with an impactful way to support Us4Warriors Foundation!

Mark your calendars for the upcoming AIRBORNE LEGACY film screening, a captivating narrative honoring the legacy of WWII Battle of the Bulge machine gunner, Vincent J. Speranza, and generations of our nation's veterans. This event is brought to you by Operation Call-To-Service in collaboration with the American Veterans Center and award-winning producer and photojournalist, CJ Machado. It's an event that is not only rich with historical significance and thought-provoking narrative, but also acts as a medium to channel support for non-profit organizations like ours.

Here's the fascinating part! Your ticket purchase not only provides access to an amazing line-up of activities, but it also allows you to designate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of your choice. Yes, you heard it right - by purchasing a ticket for this screening, you will be contributing to a worthy cause. We encourage you to choose Us4Warriors as your designated charity when you purchase your tickets.

The event kicks off on Monday, May 29, 2023, with a pre-screening event at the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C., streamed via a Facebook LIVE feed. This is set to be the largest Memorial Day ceremony in the country, where our nation’s veterans will be honored.

After the parade, ticket holders will be treated to an exclusive private Airborne Legacy Q & A panel. We guarantee that you'll be left inspired by the insightful discussions that take place.

The main event, the Airborne Legacy film screening, upholds a noble cause and brings together history, veterans, and those who want to make a difference. We urge you to join this movement, and while doing so, make sure Us4Warriors is your chosen beneficiary!

To take part in this incredible opportunity, simply visit our branded link to the ticket page: Don’t forget to scroll down and select Us4Warriors Foundation when you purchase your tickets.

Remember, by attending this unique event, you will not only be acknowledging the sacrifices and triumphs of our veterans, but you will also be supporting the mission of Us4Warriors to enhance the lives of warriors and their families.

Let's join hands in supporting our veterans, their families, and Us4Warriors Foundation through this special event! Share this opportunity with your friends, family, and everyone who believes in Greater Things! Every ticket counts, every dollar makes a difference.

Let's make the most of this opportunity by getting your tickets today to watch a film, honor our veterans, and make a difference together!

Us4Warriors Thanks the Great Americans of Operation Call-To-Service, American Veterans Center, Force-Con, and producer and photojournalist, CJ Machado for providing this special opportunity to remember the heroes of our past and support the present in doing so!

We Salute Vincent J. Speranza, one of the last WWII "Screaming Eagles" that served with the 101st Airborne Division in the Battle of the Bulge! We Salute the Heroes of Airborne Legacy!


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