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The Vessels lend "Young Warrior" song to Us4Warriors mission

On January 3rd, 2022, California recording artists, The Vessels, lend their song "Young Warrior" to Us4Warriors to support the mission of helping warriors and their families live stronger lives. Throughout the year of 2022, the song from the El Cajon, California native band will be showcased in Us4Warriors media, website and at events supporting warriors and their families. The song, an inspiring musical anthem for warriors, is the result of the collaborative efforts of a close circle of family and friends of Sergio Noriega. The lyrics written by Sergio with music composed by Sergio's brother, Anthony Noriega, along with their cousin, Timothy Moore and close family friend, Eli Wells, son of El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells. "The song was written to be a voice of encouragement to all who have served," Sergio shared, "and a glimpse of the challenges, emotions, fears and victories that service members go through." Sergio Noriega served in the United States Marine Corps from 2009 to 2013 with deployments to Helmand Province, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Tomodachi, Japan. Shortly upon returning, he began to pen the song as a part of his transition back to civilian life. He adds, "It is a reminder of where I came from and how far God has brought me." Sergio might sound familiar as he is the Work4Warriors Program Manager for Us4Warriors. "Us4Warriors lets me continue to serve my brothers and sisters in arms and help make a positive impact in their lives," Sergio shared, "as someone who has walked that road before." Check out the "Young Warriors" video on our Us4Warriors main web page by clicking here (scroll down the page). Or, tune in to hear the song on our 4Warriors Online Radio Network by clicking here. Be sure to learn more about the Work4Warriors Program and the great work that Sergio is doing to help warriors prosper for a brighter future.

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