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Us4Warriors Foundation Honors Bruce Browne and Advance Plastics for Unwavering Support

In a small ceremony held on May 18th, Us4Warriors Foundation bestowed a well-deserved honor upon Bruce Browne, CEO and Founder of Advance Plastics, for his unwavering dedication and exceptional support to the organization over the past ten years. The plaque presented to Bruce by Us4Warriors CEO and Co-Founder Tony Stewart, serves as a testament to his company's significant role in empowering military personnel, veterans, and their families during their times of need.

Bruce Browne, a distinguished retired Master Chief Petty Officer, selflessly served his country during the Vietnam War, fulfilling various roles such as a rescue swimmer, door gunner, air crewman, and helicopter mechanic. Following discharge in 1978, Browne ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing Advance Plastics. Today, his company stands as a beacon of success and service, while Bruce continues to leave an indelible mark on the community.

As a longstanding member of esteemed organizations such as The American Legion, Chula Vista Veterans Home Support Foundation, and Naval Helicopter Association, Inc., Bruce has consistently demonstrated his commitment to giving back to the community. The partnership between Us4Warriors and Advance Plastics has been a cornerstone of support for a wide range of initiatives, most notably the annual Golf4Warriors Battle Bogey Tournament.

The Golf4Warriors Battle Bogey Tournament, an event that brings together golf enthusiasts and advocates for the welfare of veterans and military families, has flourished under the steadfast backing of Advance Plastics. Their unwavering support has paved the way for the tournament's success, allowing Us4Warriors to channel the proceeds towards providing crucial resources and assistance to those in need.

Over the years, Advance Plastics has exemplified the true meaning of partnership by generously sponsoring programs, bringing teams, contributing invaluable resources, and consistently extending a helping hand to Us4Warriors. The impact of their benevolence cannot be overstated, as it has played a vital role in shaping the path of service for the organization.

"We salute Bruce Browne and Advance Plastics for their unwavering commitment and support to Us4Warriors Foundation," said Tony Stewart, Us4Warriors CEO. "Their partnership has been instrumental in empowering military personnel, veterans, and their families, providing them with the support they need during their most challenging times. The gratitude we feel towards Bruce and his team is immeasurable."

Bruce Browne and Advance Plastics serve as an inspiration to others, showcasing the power of unity and the transformative impact that can be achieved when individuals and businesses join forces for a common cause. Their dedication to supporting the military community has set a benchmark for service that is both commendable and exemplary.

As Us4Warriors Foundation continues to forge ahead in its mission to provide comprehensive support to military personnel and veterans, Bruce Browne and Advance Plastics stand as beacons of hope, reminding us all of the profound impact that compassion and community can have on the lives of those who have served our nation.

For more information about Bruce Browne and Advance Plastics, click here.

Us4Warriors Foundation Honors Bruce Browne and Advance Plastics for Unwavering Support
Us4Warriors Foundation Honors Bruce Browne and Advance Plastics for Unwavering Support


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