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Us4Warriors Honored by Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of San Diego

On May 21st, the Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of San Diego (NOSC San Diego) paid tribute to local non-profit organizations, shining a light on their remarkable contributions to the community. Among the esteemed organizations invited and recognized was the Us4Warriors Foundation, which received a certification of appreciation and a generous grant to support their mission of serving military families.

The charity portion of the event, orchestrated by NOSC Charity Co-Chairs Megan Evans and Jean Kim and several kind spouses, exuded warmth and appreciation as representatives from Us4Warriors Foundation, including CEO Tony Stewart and Board of Directors member Chris Ramirez, gathered at the on-base home of Rear Admiral Brad Rosen, Commander Navy Region Southwest. This prestigious location on the Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI) has a rich history spanning over a century.

Us4Warriors Foundation, a non-profit charity dedicated to providing support and uplifting events for military families, expressed its profound gratitude for the recognition bestowed upon them. The grant funding received will significantly bolster their impactful initiatives, including the Food4Warriors and Work4Warriors programs, which have already made a remarkable difference in the lives of countless servicemen and women.

NOSC San Diego's commitment to empowering military spouses in the region through planned social and fellowship events is commendable. In addition to their ongoing philanthropic efforts, NOSC also recognized the achievements of several high school and adult students by awarding them 15 scholarships. This investment in education further demonstrates their dedication to supporting military families and encouraging the pursuit of higher education.

During the event, Rear Admiral Brad Rosen graciously provided a tour of the historic premises, offering insights into the illustrious heritage of the location. As the Commander Navy Region Southwest, his presence underscored the significance of NOSC San Diego's work and the value they bring to the community.

NOSC San Diego, with funding from the Sand Dollar shop, continues to make a lasting impact on military families by generously supporting local scholarship programs and charities. Their unwavering commitment to enrichment, mentoring, and philanthropy sets a shining example for all.

Us4Warriors Foundation extends heartfelt appreciation to NOSC San Diego for the recognition and funding they have received. The Us4Warriors team stands proud alongside the other recognized charities, united in their shared mission of making a positive difference in the lives of military families.

To learn more about the Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of San Diego and their invaluable work, please visit their website by clicking here.

Us4Warriors Honored by Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of San Diego
Us4Warriors Honored by Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of San Diego


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