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Warrior Volunteer Force 2022 Volunteers of Year

Updated: May 4, 2023

On December 9th, Community Engagement Program Manager Sanjeeta Thomas announced this year's Volunteers of the Year from among our dedicated Warrior Volunteer Force supporters.

Active Duty Category

Jasmine Browning, U.S. Navy

Jasle Doris Sy, U.S. Navy

Veteran Category

Joshua Aguirre, U.S. Marine Corps

Community Support Category

Shelby Sousa

Joanna Garrett

Each Volunteer of the Year is selected based upon their hours, assortment of different assignments, length of service and overall dedication to the mission. The awardees attend a private dinner ceremony to celebrate their efforts and provide them with holiday gifts and the special "Volunteer of the Year" T-shirts and certifications.

Us4Warriors believes in recognizing the efforts of our volunteers who support us throughout the year. From Volunteer Appreciation events to the annual awarding of Volunteer of the Year, we know that not only is it all of "us" that makes up the "Us" in Us for Warriors, but the lifeblood of the efforts comes from our volunteer force who support efforts at our offices, events and special activities throughout the year to keep the Us4Warriors Mission going.

If you would like to join the over 5,000 volunteers who have joined the force over the years to support efforts that have helped nearly 50,000 warriors and family members, click here.

Warrior Volunteer Force 2022 Volunteers of Year Announced
Warrior Volunteer Force 2022 Volunteers of Year Announced


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