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SAY San Diego's Dads Corps Partners with Us4Warriors

Recently, community partners SAY San Diego hosted a "Love Your Heart" event that included over 100 participants designed to align the spirit of Valentine's Day with efforts to promote healthy campaigns to prevent heart disease and stroke while empowering the public to take control of their heart health. Love Your Heart events are promoted locally by the County of San Diego's Live Well! Program. This event hosted "drive-up, drive thru" activities supported by SAY San Diego's Dads Corps including trivia games, draft kits, and educational materials as well as healthy food offerings. The SAY San Diego Dads Corps program is FREE and open to all fathers including civilian dads, active-duty Dads, veteran Dads, and Dads-To-Be providing fathers with opportunities to thrive as “Parents, Partners, and Providers.” As a partner program supporting a segment of the active duty, veterans population designed to strengthen their role as fathers, Us4Warriors (also a County of San Diego Live Well Partner) provided food pantry donations. In the most recent SAY San Diego newsletter, Us4Warriors was recognized for that support. We thank SAY San Diego and their Dads Corps for being a collaborative community partner. Learn more about Dads Corp here.

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