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Stewart Ends 33 years with Navy for Full-Time Us4Warriors

After 7 years of co-founding and leading Us4Warriors as a volunteer with efforts on evenings, weekends and holidays, CEO Tony Stewart capped off 33 years of dedicated service with the U.S. Navy to assume full-time duties steering organization operations into the next chapter of the mission.

In his most recent tour, Stewart served 13 years as Administrator for Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Center where Navy SEALs and SWCC quiet professionals are trained to join Navy's Special Operations Teams. Prior, Stewart served 20 years on active duty with the U.S. Navy Submarine Service. Upon departing, Stewart was recognized with the Dept. of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Medal. Stewart holds a Masters and is pursuing his Doctorate in Public Administration.

Since February 2nd, you can now find Stewart and the growing Warrior Workforce developing the next phase of impactful programs, projects, events and activities to help warriors and their families live stronger lives.

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