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Us4Warriors is a CFC vetted charity making a difference

Each year, Us4Warriors welcome partnering donations from Federal employees, retirees, military personnel, postal workers and so many more who decide that helping warriors and their families live stronger lives is a mission worth supporting. We are proud of our partners who take the time to use the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) to be Changemakers and uplift others through their efforts! As we embark upon the CFC season, we remind our friends and supporters that when it comes to a valuable mission and being a credible entity supported by CFC, we are there. For those in our local area, you can find us among Southern California Local Independent Charities (psssttt... page 62). For those across the nation who believe in the cause and recognize our efforts to support active-duty military, veterans and their families in the most populated military & veterans community in the nation, all you need is our number to help us continue to support thousands. Our CFC number is 82555. We thank you for your support!

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