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Vanguard Charitable Clients can support Us4Warriors via NAVi

Just in time for a Happy Giving Season, Vanguard Charitable, founded by The Vanguard Group, Inc. recently launched NAVi (the Nonprofit Aid Visualizer) for Hunger & Homelessness. This exclusive service is for Vanguard clients in order to make charitable giving easy, convenient, and smart. It is estimated that close to 60 million Americans turned to food banks and pantries for help during 2020. As a leading food agent for military, veterans and their families, Vanguard Charitable has added Us4Warriors as a featured organization in NAVi for clients who would like to support our mission. NAVi inspires donors to take their giving further by providing access to best-in-class data that simplifies and empowers your charitable research and decision-making process. NAVi’s focus on hunger and homelessness aims to provide you with the information needed to understand where and how you can make a difference. If you are a Vanguard client and believe that military & veterans, hunger and homelessness are causes that deserve your support, we ask that you consider Us4Warriors in your charitable giving. You can do so via the NAVi portal at (type 46-4167683 in the search bar).


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