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Warrior Volunteer Force Invades Comic-Con Special Edition 2021

Each year, our hard-working Warrior Volunteer Force is provided with an avenue to take in San Diego’s world-famous Comic-Con host of events and activities as both a reward for the countless hours of service throughout the year as well as the fulfillment of dreams for many military and veterans who would not otherwise be able to attend. This year's Comic-Con returned this Thanksgiving weekend on a much smaller scale than before. Normally hosted in July, this year's event was a "Comic-Con Special Edition" and helped boost the community and provided a much needed showcase for local artists, graphic designers, creative entrepreneurs and many event enthusiasts who have patiently awaited for the event's return. Due to the restrictions of the past several years, this year's event was a much welcomed return. In the past, each year, our Us4Warriors' Warrior Volunteer Force would support activities and events throughout the year in order to ensure their names made it to the limited list of volunteers for the event. This year, 20 volunteers were able to take in the event and enjoy all that is Comic-Con. Comic-Con will return July 2022. Sign-up for volunteer events throughout the year to make your way to the Comic-con list when it is presented! Learn how to join the Warrior Volunteer Force, by clicking here.

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