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Work4Warriors at Bunker Labs "Barracks 2 Boardrooms" Event

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Work4Warriors Program Manager, Sergio Noriega, joined with other organizations likes VETD Talent Network, CCS Learning Academy, Easterseals of Southern California and others to participate in a Veterans in Residence Workshop to "Discover New Opportunities While Transitioning" hosted by Bunker Labs in association with WeWorks San Diego. Bunker Labs is a business incubator for early-stage startups and growth-oriented small businesses. Veterans in Residence are Veterans and military spouses who have launched a business and are ready to grow. Through the Bunker Labs network, each participant gains a cohort of peers who hold each other accountable for business growth and success. Us4Warriors is proud to partner with Veterans in Residence and their cohorts to help support those who are military members in transition or veterans seeking to make a change towards their future. Our Work4Warriors Program remains committed to be a collaborative partner of this exciting opportunity to support those seeking to prosper for a brighter future. Learn more about our Work4Warriors Program, by clicking here.

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